Monday, September 22, 2014

Family news

Lolo lost his old watch last week, and we turned the place up and down looking for it, but couldn't find it.
the good news;
The laundress today found it in the basket of dirty laundry from last Friday (that she hadn't done due to the heavy rain from the typhoon).

So Lolo is happy, and we are giving thanks to the Lord, St Anthony, and of course, the laudress (along with a small "gift").

The bad news:

Joy took her sister back to Manila. She has been here all weekend with her brother and parents visiting.
She has to talk to her doctor: The biopsy is bad, so she is seeing if she can get into a trial for a new type of biological chemotherapy.

Keep her in your prayers.

Ruby went with them.

and pray that we get the harvest in okay: The last two typhoons hit north of here, but so far we are okay, and harvest is starting now.

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