Saturday, September 06, 2014

It's good to be the king (but the queen, not so much...)

Poor Berengaria: Her famous husband was busy fighting and she had to chase him around the Mediterranean...and when the crusades stopped, things got worse.

from Freelance history writer, via TeaAtTrianon

Margaret of Austria..

.Charles was not particularly attractive. He was thin, under-grown with a hollow chest, crooked legs and a head that was too big for his body. But Margaret was three and probably didn’t notice his appearance. The next day, the marriage was consecrated.Margaret lived in the beautiful castle of Amboise. Louis died shortly after her marriage and Anne de Beaujeu was regent for the new King Charles VIII. Anne appointed Madame de Segré as Margaret’s governess. Margaret’s time at Amboise was pleasant. She studied, played with dolls, and performed official duties, all dressed in dignified and tasteful clothes. She was taught the fine arts like drawing, painting, singing and how to play the lute, dancing and embroidery. All in all, it was a happy childhood for Margaret, full of warm affection. 

wed three times, refused the 4th marriage.

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