Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Sarah Hoyt suggests that the lilliputin blogs have broken the monopolies that control the hoi polloi.

It was a time of transparency. Real transparency, quite unlike the foolish promises of previous politicians blinded by their narcissism, and nothing like the rotten assurances of the decrepit Gray Lady who had, in her time, turned ablind eye to the Holocaust and hidden the horrors of Holodomor, the depravity of the Gulags to praise collectivist systems that devoured people and dreams and spit out nothing but misery and dehumanization and a boot stepping on a human face forever.
Now, suddenly, they couldn’t make their picked man, their chosen one into theharbinger of that great collectivist future.  They couldn’t snigger behind their hands at the unwashed people who’d never know of his faux pas. Oh, they did what they could, that guard of journalistic castrati protecting the corpse of a corrupt and bloated bureaucracy. But enough slipped through the cracks that most people knew something was wrong: the Summer of Recovery that resided in some unspecified future conditional; the idea that his face would appease Islam’s irate warriors was undone by the beheadings the Jihadists insisted on posting on Youtube; the way the Light Bringer seemed to be in the dark when bereft of a teleprompter.
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Well, Rush and others have been pointing out stuff that people didn't dare to say, and if you think Rush is bigoted, you haven't been listening to him (or the really scary voices out there).


And the boycott of those who dare to say that traditional marriage is....traditional in places like churches are showing that the blacklist exists, but not it's not against those who posit to overthrow the gov't to impose a tyranny but those who are quietly working hard for a living and helping others to do so.

which is why I don't use firefox.


and while you were sleeping, the terrorists took over the Sahara.

and China is taking over the sea lanes to Japan and the traditional fishing grounds of the Philippines (and the petroleum there), with little opposition except for nasty letters from Europe, who assure the Philippines that they will back them if they also post a nasty letter to the international organizations who, if they judge this, will also send a nasty letter. Sigh.

Most folks who know veterans of the Pacific in WWII know that an invasion of Japan would have been a blood bath for all involved, and that the Bomb actually saved a couple million lives. But the left has rewritten history to paint the US as the bad guys (ignoring that more people were killed in the "rape of Manila" than in Hiroshima).

StrategyPage links to the classic article that gives estimates of casualties expected if the invasion had taken place. PDF

My cousin, who was back in the US after his ship had been hit by a kamikazi, figured he would die in the invasion, so when on leave, went out and got drunk....and when he woke up confused, he "walked" out a second story window, breaking his a result he was with my mom when VJ day was announced.

As for the Philippines, the locals here were chasing the Japanese through the mountains...a horrible story that has never been told, that includes cannibalism because the locals wouldn't help feed the Japanese but would kill or poison their food. This is mentioned as the cause of despression/PTSS  in one of Endo's short stories, and there is a Japanese film about it but I can't remember the name of the film.

I don't have the link, but China just posted a story that if locals voted to become part of China, they would accept and help those areas to seceed against their government.

No, I don't think this is aimed at the Philippines, where China is hated, nor about Taiwan (ditto) s, but at Siberia. Putin better watch his back door.

In other words, ignore the pundits that see a conspiracy between Russia and China against the west.
However, Russia will oppose the US helping the Sunnis in Syria, because of blowback in Chechnya. In this fight, I back Iran, and I wish the President would explain that some bad guys are worse than others, and admit that Saudi is behind a lot more terrorism than Iran.

And, unlike Saudi, Iran does allow Christian churches to exist (But not open conversions).Dirty little secret: Without their overseas workers, Saudi would implode. That is not true of Iran,


A female politician cries sexual harassment, but no, they weren't hitting on her for sex: actually the problem was that some pols pointed out that she was...fat.

So is calling the NJ governor "porky" now called sexual harassment?

and if I warn my patients they are overweight, can I be accused of sexual harassment?


Cat Steven claims Islam is for peace, but GetReligion checked the wayback machine and found Stevens was backing violence way back then...

 On reading the Post, one, who called herself "Gloria2," posted a link to a 1989 articlein the New York Times:
The musician known as Cat Stevens said in a British television program to be broadcast next week that rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author Salman Rushdie, ''I would have hoped that it'd be the real thing.''
so, will he disavow his previous opinions in public, and condemn the violence against heretics and infidels now?


FYI: Another day, another volcanic eruption.

No Mayon volcano is far from here, but I've visited there and it is a beautiful sight.

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