Friday, September 26, 2014

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There was some discussion that Putin would prevent Americans from using his rockets to go to the space station, but apparantly that was wrong.

A new US/Russian crew just launched there.

another uncovered story: SpaceX's Dragon is delivering cargo to the space station...

a big plus for private enterprise...


Another quiet story that is being ignored: A spacecraft from India has successfully reached Mars.


Factoid of the day from TYWKIWDBI:

Siphonophores are of special scientific interest because they are composed of medusoid and polypoid zooids that are morphologically and functionally specialized. Each zooid is an individual, but their integration with each other is so strong, the colony attains the character of one large organism



Who is paying for the "nuns on the bus" so beloved by Joe Biden to ride around supporting the Democratic party on a rock star type tourbus?..., and is taxpayer money being used to pressure the Vatican to change their doctrine and think that nuns "evolving beyond Christ" and supporting abortion is okay? LINK

father Z has more.


Nothing makes Muslims more angry than rich outsiders telling them to celebrate EID with vegetarian meals using non halal condiments...

Dustbury also mentions the Oklahoma Muslims are anti jihadi types. And like most Okies, their anti Isis protest was done in a polite way...


Rich white guy from canada thinks poor blacks in Trinidad should cut down their fossil fuel consumption.

Yeah. Use wood and deforest the islands instead.


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