Friday, September 12, 2014

well well

After I upgraded my firefox about a year ago, I lost the ability to use delicious for my bookmarks.

However, I just found I can use them surfing the net.

the bad news is that Ruby has my new computer, and the old one is on it's last leg (the cord won't attach all the time, so either it's broken or the electrical system box is bad...if I or the cat touches the cord, it  stops). It also has no battery and a dvd drive that doesn't always work, and I get the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH" about once a week.

I figure fixing all these things would cost almost as much as a new computer, but Ruby has pretty well taken over my new computer, and I use my tablet. Maybe in another few months I might invest in another computer and send this one to Dell in Manila to get fixed.

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