Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad reporting or incompetence?

I'm not sure what the Army is doing in Liberia, but now I read they are the 101 airborne, and they had 4 hours training and no protective suits.

 Yes, I know: They are supposed to be buildling tent hospitals, but as I have written before: There are buildings, some even with running water, that could be used for hospitals.

So why use tents (well tents are airconditioned, so maybe that's why).

 But Liberia has shut down all reports on Ebola, so the folks are dying quietly in the slums. a lot of slum dwellers were Kru or other tribes, while the gov't is run by the AmericoLiberians, even tho the presidentess is not of that lineage she is essentially schooled in the US and part of the establishment (Think World Bank appointment). Think Apartheid, by blacks.

The civil war there that killed a quarter million people was essentially a tribal uprising that resulted in tribes killing each other, both in Liberia and Sierra Leone and Guinea. The "second civil war" was merely a continuation of the first civil war, and the result was "women for peace" put in the present president with the help of outsiders. And one wonders about Firestone here...payoffs to armed groups to be left alone is illegal but normal (including here in the Philippines).

Hobb's Leviathan suggests that the mess needed a strong gov't, but it took the NWO about 20 years to bother to do so.

One thing few Americans realize is that third world countries have only so many people who are competent, so often the only answer to the chaos caused by "popular uprisings" is chaos, and then folks prefer peace.... a dictator is take over by the same group of people who supported the same dictator. Egypt is another example of this.


Oh China is taking over their "Traditional" areas, never mind that other countries have custody of them for 50 to 500 years. Obama talks of a pivot to Asia, but the only result is that no one trusts him. The Philippines is too weak to fight, so expect more takeovers of our traditional fishing grounds.

The USMarine who killed one of our boy girl prostitutes is not going to help matters here.

And the real danger is that Japan might not stand for it.


The fake report released by the left wing "reformers" at the bishop's conference was voted down, and the press is having a field day condemning the bishops who insist that right and wrong might apply to matters of sex.

I say it was a fake report for two reasons: One, it was long and complicated, and no one had time to write such a report during the meeting, meaning it was written beforehand to tell the bishops what they should David Warren noted: 

 a week that began in one of the dark moments for the Catholic Church — in the release of a synod Relatio profoundly evil and destructive — has ended fairly well. The response to it from the bishops assembled in the working groups of the synod has been stellar. They have made clear to the world, or at least, that part of the world paying attention, that it was a false and lying document, intentionally misrepresenting what they had been discussing inside.
since the "deliberations" were secret, they thought they could get away with pretending that bishops agree with them, until a few stubborn "men with chests" decided to " stand athwart history, yelling Stop,"
again, David Warren:

The Australian, Cardinal Pell — whose “dayjob” is currently cleaning up corruption and incompetence in the Curia — made the initial stand, leading the overwhelming majority of bishops to demand the publication of internal proceedings which the pope’s own agents were trying to suppress. I was immensely cheered, once again, by the courage and clarity of such men as Cardinals Mueller and Burke. Cardinal Napier of South Africa showed in both his clarity and his instinctive statesmanship a wonderful example of what a Prince of the Church should be. And in the “hard lines” drawn by bishops from across Africa and Asia, we could see the future of our Church: that she can indeed recover from the filth and squalour into which she has been led by compromised and compromising Western bishops
all of which brings to mind this quote:
  • 'How shall a man judge what to do in such times?' 
    'As he ever has judged,' said Aragorn.
     'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear; nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves, and another among Men. It is a man's part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.'

Damn Aussies and Africans and rural hicks....

Well, anyway, the final report is actually much better.

But the press is disappointed but has replaced the old meme ("compassionate church") with the new meme ("divided church").

Oh well.

nothing new here, as St. Athanasius could tell you.

Don't expect any report with Wuerl's name on it to actually recognize some things are sinful. We saw how he nicely overlooked sin when he was in Pittsburgh...and Dolan and the new Chicago guy will go along with the "niceness" agenda because they want to be seen as nice guys.

Who could spoil their fun? Hint.

Damn Potawanamis....


update FatherL blasts bad reporting and the usually pessimistic MarkMallet is upbeat. and posts the entire post meeting speech of the Pope...bookmarked for later reading.


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