Tuesday, October 07, 2014

fad of the week

So, according to a NYTIMES article (a supplent in our Manila bulletib)  there are delusional folks who think they are in a paleo lifesyle.

translation:they use exotic ingredients they imagine were used in the good old days.

yet what they are doing is using products imported from far away usinf fossile fuels.

one exam9e

no soap, so she shampoos with baking soda and jojoba oil.

jojoba oil from where? India. Baking soda from death valley?

Why not use bouncing bette, which you can find growing wild in vacant fields?  Or yucca,ehich was the shampoo used by American beauties in tbe Southwest before Columbys.

or maybe put clay in your hair, or use ashes,


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