Friday, October 10, 2014

Family news

Lolo is fine.

Joy's sister is in pain and awaiting the experimental immunotherapy treatment. Keep her in your prayers.

Mama Cat has kidney failure. Sigh. She has barely eaten in a week but is comfortable.
The puppies are okay.

I bought a new computer for myself for my birthday. The good news: It's cheap, last year's model. The bad news? Windows 8....agggh!

I loaded a program so I can use the old fashioned Windows 7 start page, but it took me a search to figure out how to adjust my touch pad so the dang sidebar stops popping up. Go to Mouse, go to mouse drive, go to the exact mouse description in the 4th tab and uncheck the lateral stuff.

So far so good. Took me awhile to do that.

IN the meanwhile, I'm downloading chrome, open office etc.

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