Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Family news

Joy and Ruby went to Manila for deliveries and Ruby has to give a speech for her homeschool sponsoring school to get credit.

She has to memorize the speech and then give it.

I couldn't help her: When I took a public speaking class in college, we learned to use "talking points" and give the details spontaneously, not read a speech or give it by memory (similar to how actors give speeches).

That is why I was bemused when the press went viral criticizing Sarah Palin for having notes written on her palm. They implied she was stupid, but didn't notice she wasn't reading from a teleprompter like other politicians, but was using the technique I learned in college, i.e. use notes or an outline only.

Black kitty lost a kitten when PapaDog managed to get the box containing her kittens off the high shelf. Luckily the other kitties were deep inside the box and I saved them on time.

So now Black kitty, aka Pandera, has moved her family to the back of Lolo's closet shelf, behind his underware.


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