Sunday, October 12, 2014

Inspiring story of the day

Bucket list baby inspires thouands.

When Jenna and Don Haley were told their baby boy would likely only live hours or days after birth, they decided to give him as many life adventures as possible. But while completing a nine-month bucket list while growing inside his mom, Shane Michael Haley accomplished much more.
Shane was diagnosed with a disorder that kills most infants hours or days after birth. His parents decided to put together a bucket list, taking Shane on various adventures to their favorite places. They posted updates and photos to a Facebook page, Prayers for Shane, which has more than 700,000 followers.
“We are asking for your prayers and support and that God grants us as much time as possible with our beautiful son,” the Philadelphia couple wrote on the page. “Shane has already proven to us that each day must be lived to the fullest and that is exactly what our little family is doing.”
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from The Christian Science Monitor

McCall story here, noted that the family was Catholic.

photo from their facebook page. 

and yes, someone hacked the page.

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