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Reality check

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HEALTH COSTS: Ebola Preparation ‘Will bankrupt my hospital!’ Director Reacts to CDC Prep Call. “Treating one Ebola patient requires, full time, 20 medical staff. Mostly ICU (intensive care unit) people. So that would wipe out an ICU in an average-sized hospital.”
my comment which won't post (internet going on an off).

in the past, they had infectious disease hospitals for diseases a lot easier to catch than Ebola. Smallpox anyone?
When we had a cholera epidemic in our African country, we were told to take over a local school and use the schoolrooms for isolation wards. Schools, unlike village homes, usually had running water and toilets, and were one story buildings similar to American motels, with seperate entrance for every room and windows for the air to circulate. And a pit outside to throw garbage and burn it. Chlorox bleach to cllean surfaces works too.
So why are these people put in an ICU?
Ditto for stopping flights. Impossible, but mandating a 36 hour quarrantine for all incoming passangers at the local Marriott while monitoring symptoms and waiting for tests to come back would help.
Just wait till all those folks return from the Haj and watch the epidemic grow.


Father Z on the PC document released by "the vatican" on the synod:

my take? It's the Vatican bureaurocracy/NWO Bishops vs Catholics. It's a takeover attempt, similar to the take over of the mainline churches in the US.

The problem? Their agenda has little or nothing to do with traditional Catholicism nor with the problems we face in the third world.

In the 60's, the west decided divorce was the answer for rocky marriages, and the PC theologians in the church delinked sex from childbearing, defying the Pope. We are reaping the whirlwind from these things in the first world, but in the third world, childless children and women deserted by boyfriends or husbands are economic disasters.

Luckily the first thing done by Protestants is to insist on following the ten commandments, which is why the growing middle class in Asia and Latin America are Protestant.

The catholics here are left with the elites (who are often left wing green types, who condemn capitalism but ignore the bribbery by their relatives that stops countries from investing here for jobs that will help the poor). And the poor. Join a protestant church, and you learn morality, hard work and honesty and probably get a job that lets you enter the middle class.

As for gay marriage: well, one doubts it will stop the seduction of the streetkids by rich sex tourists. We already have a major problem with our girls, but this will give a 'greenlight' to our rich gay businessmen to seduce their male employees and insist they are not doing anything wrong.

essentially the agenda is to deny that any sexual expression could be considered wrong.

and yes, I've seen this expressed to me by (mostly) young people, who don't see why infidelity, living together, playing the field, or ignoring their kids to get high with their newest live in boyfriend is "wrong"...



From the other McCain:

Jesse Bering (@JesseBering) proclaimed that legalizing incest between adult siblings is “moral progress” Thursday at Huffington Post and the remarkable thing is that almost nobody noticed. Just another “expert” endorsing our society’s rapid descent into perverse decadence:

Cranky post of the day: A friend on facebook posted a nice comment by Malala essentially saying all we need is love, and I commented that no, all she needed was a bodyguard with an M16.

The backstory of this was that she had been threatened, but did not get a body guard to protect her, and as a result she was shot and several of her friends were hurt when the terrorists hit the schoolbus. A good government would have provided her protection, but then this is Pakistan who couldn't even protect Benezir Bhutto, and where the big shots of their army makes India a big enemy, so they get more money to steal, but they can't find that Osama is living down the street.

Of course a body guard might not have stopped the bad guys: When our nephew was killed, two body guard were shot and killed too, along with the politician's two sons (the politician wasn't there, so survived, and his wife survived when the gun jammed).

but that murder was about who would steal the money from the city's budget, not about religion.

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