Friday, October 24, 2014

Sex and the single peacekeeper.

yes, like the WWII soldier, often they saw this as a quid pro quo: sex for them and the ability to feed the family for the girl.

One is reminded of WKRP:

English Historical Fiction blog discusses nobility eating peacocks for the holidays, and adds:

And yes, they can fly. They seem very large but they weigh only about eight to ten pounds, the size of a large roasting chicken such as the Jersey Giant. They have a broad wing spread that gives them the “lift” they need. The tail, folded as it usually is, flops along through the air behind them, looking rather silly.


for later reading:

Professor (and poet) Holly Ordway discusses her conversion based on historical evidence and Sense of Event blog has comments about it.


faith healing in Monrovia meets ebola.


the article is about those living in the slums of New Kru town (an area with many Kru people, near the hospital where I worked 30 years ago).


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