Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Billy Boyd, aka Pippin, whose poigent song is the background for the Hobbit trailer (and was sung in the ROTK) is writing the end son for the third Hobbit movie.

Cardinal Kasper is so mad at being outed as a racist that he is threatening to sic reporters on the reporter who quoted him accurately and had the tape to prove it.

Father Z has details and links.

Heh. There is a "jounolist" for the church dissadents? that might explain much of the bad reporting on what went on.

a lot of this is about the PC elites trying to change the church's laws on sex and being non judgemental in the name of "compassion. But things are more complicated than that, because often this allows the elite sociopaths to ignore the harm they do to others.

A good example of putting things into perspective is this essay by old lefty Archbishop Cruz (ret) on the murder of one of our boy-girl prostitute by a US Marine...

full rant moved to my other blog.


GetReligion complains that the SciAm essay on religion and ET gets it wrong.

And no one seems to notice that angels are "ET's"


Cuba helping in the war on Ebola.

An interesting story, but the inclusion of deliberate bias in this "news report" shows why AlJezeerah is despised by most Americans.

and MomJones has the five most stupid response to Ebola in the USA.

It is not spread through the air, or by mosquitos. It is spread via body fluids, so unless someone spits, pukes, has diarrhea, or has sex with you, you won't catch it.

The main danger is to caretakers and those who clean up the place.

If it was airborne, half of those in the apartment complex and hospital would be dying. That is why SARS was a lot scarier than Ebola...


the world's smallest dog.?

more here.

Slideshow of Hubble's greatest hits.


Wired article on the bed bug wars.

no, it smells good but doesn't kill the bugs.


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