Wednesday, October 01, 2014

the "WAGD" post of the week


full report at the cdc:

and don't forget the Chlorox bleach:

 because Ebola is readily killed by soap and water, bleach, or hospital disinfectants that are labeled as being effective against non-enveloped viruses, standard infection control procedures are indeed sufficient.
There has been no evidence of Ebola virus transmission from either the environment, or from surfaces such as bed rails, door knobs, and laundry that could be contaminated during patient care. The Ebola virus is a fragile virus – once the envelope of the virus is destroyed, it cannot survive long-term in the environment. 
so far, no evidence of air borne transmission...

why facemasks? Well, in medical school we were told it was to keep from spitting in the patient's face when we talked to them, and vice versa. It may not float in air, but if they vomit bloody stuff on you, and it reaches a mucus membrane or tiny abrasion, you could catch it.

my only comment about Liberia is: It was a mess when I worked there in 1980, and that was before the civil war...

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