Monday, October 27, 2014

WTF articles of the day

Nurse who cared for ebola patients and who had high fever but negative test at airport is lamenting her civil right were violated, and that her quarantine is "hell" (according to Drudge).

Well, the blood test may not be positive early in the disease. And after that hippie doc managed to go all around NYCity while feeling sick but didn't worry because his fever hadn't gone up, I don't think she will get much sympathy.

ALL patients arriving from West Africa who were in contact with ebola need to go into quarantine, fever or not.  This could be done at home if they are mature and can monitor their fever at home (or better yet, a nurse can visit them daily to check the temperature). Will that lower the number of "health care workers" who volunteer? Maybe, but I doubt it.

The last time that "civil rights" by narcissists trumped public health was when Mayor Feinstein faced a recall election for closing the San Francisco bath houses where HIV, hepatitis, and other STD's spread like wildfire. How many died because of that bit of nonsense. Indeed, if anyone had closed the bathhouses when the Hepatitis B epidemic was going on in the late 1970's, then a lot fewer men would have caught HIV when it flew in with "patient zero", the attractive Canadian flight attendant who probably caught it in Haiti.


heh. NJ guv says:

“I have great respect for Dr. Fauci, but what he’s counting on is a voluntary system with folks that may or may not comply,” said Christie, citing the example of an NBC News crew who returned from West Africa and violated their self-quarantine.
“This is government’s job,” Christie said. “If anything else, the government’s job is to protect the safety and health of our citizens.”

two more comments: The bitching nurse complains that her oral temperature was only 98.6 but only her forehead temperature showed 101 degrees.

Well forehead temperature scanning is not a very good test, but you know it is easy to fake an oral temperature, which can be changed if you drink something cold or hot or even breathe through your mouth. If she really wanted to argue with the high temperature test done, she should have insisted on the most accurate way to check a temperature: A rectal thermometer reading.

As for those who say you can't catch Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus: True. But what if he coughs in your face, or (worse ) vomits all over you? If that had happened in the doctor who felt ill but didn't have a temperature,so he went all aorund instead of staying quietly at home,  it could have exposed 50 people to the disease.

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