Saturday, November 15, 2014

Calling Admiral Yi

The story of the "samurai" invasion of Korea is one the west doesn't know, but Admiral Yi already had his own Korean miniseries drama and now will be in a movie.

Professor Bulliet, from Columbia Univ, whose history lectures are on youtube, tells the story of a Korean student telling him that he was studying film making so he could tell the world the history of Korea, which is usually overlooked in the west.

Well, the Korean Teledramas of their history are big hits here in Asia, and now there is this movie.

Bulliet also notes that westerners cry about the "religious" wars causing many deaths, but ignore that the Japanese invasion of Japan killed just as many people. Well, western history tends to ignore Asian history, and the radical anti religion types would prefer not to know that atheists killed more people in the 16th century than the wars of religion back then sort of ruins their argument.

True. Just like Americans "remember" those killed in Hiroshima, but not those who died in the "rape of Manila".

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