Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Family news

Chano et al still at the meeting.

I am getting the bathrooms in the two guest bedrooms fixed so we can use them. One of the bedrooms is full of storage/junk, the other has my old clothes and some junk and the sofa. We used to sit in there in the afternoons to read, just to get out of the bedroom, but now we mainly use the bathroom for our nursing kittens, to keep them away from the dogs.

One of the toilets will need replacing for a cracked tank, the other one just needed new gaskets.

We're using our handiman Ferdie: He has been working for the last year in Manila and has just come back and needs some money and asked if we had jobs for him to do. Yes, lots of jobs in our house, which tends not to be repaired much. Sigh. Long story.

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