Monday, November 17, 2014

Family news

Chano and family arrived home 3am Sunday morning. They were in Davao for a conference on organic rice, got home Friday but stayed overnight with Joys sister.

I should note that Manila has "color coding" meaning you can only drive there on designated days, and often it is easier to drive home in the middle of the night when traffic is lighter and it is cooler.

Joy's sister is stable, but we are awiting tests next week to see if the chemo is starting to work.

Chano brought some Davao citrus fruit with him, but no Durian (They won't let Durian on the airplane...)

Ruby got her hair cut  shoulder length and shaped by a professional and looks like a young lady. Before her hair was getting long and a bit straggly, but the locals didn't cut it right. Yes. I found problems getting my fine, gray hair cut right, even at the expensive place at the mall...but one of the hairdressers at at a salon near the palenke does it correctly.

The internet is on and off. On Saturday, there was a small explosion in one of the transformers nearby, so we lost electricity and internet. They fixed the electricity, and then Sunday the electricity was off for four hours, probably from having to replace the damaged transformer. I turned on the generator, but then of the gas lines burst so we had to call one of our drivers to fix it.

Internet is still iffy on and off and slow, but it will post slowly, although too slow for downloads.

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