Friday, December 12, 2014

Family news

Again went shopping: a little more Christmas decorations. I would like a Parol, a Christmas star, but the price was too high so I bought a wreath and a small star...the star was made of lights, and needless to say after one day half the string went out. Oh well.

I am having the cabinets in the dining room refurbished. I paid for supplies and our handy man to do it, but he disappeared for two weeks. His step father has cancer, so he was busy with his family visiting etc.


But now they are being covered with new veneer, and by next week the dining room should look a bit better.
Now all we have to do is arrange for someone to put tiles on the concrete floor where the outdoor kitchen is, so it is easier to keep clean.

In the meanwhile, Chano has hired some kids to weed the garden. We already hired an older lady, a friend of our cook, to do this so they are helping. Also they trimmed the loose branches of the palm trees so they don't fall on anyone. Usually someone comes and offers to take down the ripe coconuts for us in exchange for keeping half to sell as buko juice.

In other words, the place, which has not been repaired for the last year because we were pinching pennies, might actually look half decent by Christmas.

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