Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family news

Joy and Ruby were in Manila for deliveries and a school party.
Keep Joy's sister in your prayers: the chemo hasn't worked yet. Sigh.

Lolo is tired all the time, and is wheezing (I keep the aircon on fan to filter out the dirt and pollen at night). But his appetite is okay. Keep him in your prayers.

Chano is busy partying, so keep him in your prayers.

The carpenter is almost finished refinishing the cabinets in the dining room. (the leaks last year caused the veneer to separate)(the roof leaked last year and damaged the ceiling).. The cook said the ceiling needs to be fixed next, before it falls down.  I have the money for this, and the carpenter needs money for his father in law's illness so he wants to work close to home...instead of working for better pay in Manila.

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