Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family news

The Palenke is full, and we have trouble keeping people from parking in front of our garage (since we are only 2 blocks from there).

It's very crowded...I hate to shop for anything that can't wait another week or two....and am avoiding the mall altogether.

Lolo is okay.

Chano was out til 3 am partying.

Joy is at the farm helping them use the rice miller for the harvest from her parent's farm.

Our kitchen/dining room cabinets are finished. The next step: Fix the ceiling. But it will have to wait until the metal doors are fixed. The "steel" on the bottoms is already rusted out and has to be removed and new steel welded into place.

I also will arrange to have the Samsung refrigerator's rush spots re-painted. because it is rusting near the handle after only three years. They must have only used one coat, or else it's a "second". It works fine, however, and is frost free which is a help.

One of the feral kittens got killed by George today. It must have gotten out during the night (Mom made a next in the spare bedroom under the bed). Sigh. This is the danger age for kittens, when they wander but haven't learned about danger.
We feed the cat, but they don't come close to us, although mom will come in and meow if very hungry. She also feeds herself: I found her eating a parakeet today. Wonder where she got it.

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