Thursday, December 18, 2014

Global warming alert of the day

AGGH!! Global warming!

You probably know that Cow flatulence causes global warming.

but did you know that yak dung also contributes to mother gaia's demise? The local poor folks in Tibet burn it for fuel.

And then there is the lowly squirrel who is trying to destroy the world.

They might be fluffy faced, buck-toothed little creatures, but two species of rodent have been identified the latest culprits to be contributing to climate change.Researchers have found that the arctic ground squirrel and the beaver may be playing a far greater role in global warming than had previously been realised.It means that scientists will in the future have to alter their theories around anthropogenic climate change to take account of 'rodentopogenic' influences.
Menace: Ground squirrels live in shallow burrows around the Arctic Circle but their incessant digging mixes the normally frozen soil, introducing oxygen and leading to the release of methane gas

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But that's not all:

Losing weight causes global warming

From Science DailyVia SenseOfEventBlog:

In their paper, published in the British Medical Journal today, the authors show that losing 10 kilograms of fat requires 29 kilograms of oxygen to be inhaled and that this metabolic process produces 28 kilograms of carbon dioxide and 11 kilograms of water.

one is reminded of the Allan Sherman song, about "why I am fat" that ends:

Hail to thee fat person, you kept us out of war 

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