Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Stories below the fold

OK: Did Edward III's wife cheat on him?

DNA analysis of Richard III's skeleton points to confusion in the DNA of those who fought the War on the Roses. A long complicated article, especially considering it is from the UKMail website which usually carries stories of Hollywood bimbos or news about a rock resembling President Obama that has recently been found on Mars.


Hobbit arrives in Manila on Dec 12th but the early reviews are  good, and linked to at TORN LINK

Spengler essay here (for later reading).


Yes, Sherlock fans, there is a Reichenbach Switzerland.

Photo by Andrew Bowden on Flickr | Copyright: Creative Commons

Photos at Atlas Obscura

When I married Lolo, he promised me that when we lived in the Philippines that I would always have enough rice to eat.

Well, that might not be true if you live in NYCity and there is a major stories of the Sandy experience suggest.

(headsup TYWKIWDBI)

which makes me woder what would happen if "the big one" hit Manila, with ten million people left homeless and foodless.

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