Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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RogerSimon discusses the Hollywood hack
the emails aren't pc...they only pretend to be pc so they can hate others. But not so PC that they might look modern day terrorism in the eye and put it in their movies.

and this factoid from one of the comments about a very  non PC comic:

While I certainly sympathize in the general Schadenfreude, I've got to wonder Mel Brooks and Cleavon Little might not have made similar jokes at one time.
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Few people remember it nowadays, but Mel Brooks served in the US Army during World War II, in an engineering unit that specialized in clearing landmines. I don't think much has frightened him since.
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You know that "French Mistake" song that he loves playing in his movies?
He does that because back in WWII, he wired up a giant propaganda sound system to blare that at the Nazis.
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The Sydney "hostage" crisis turns out to be an Iranian (shiite? why the ISIL flag?) who was out on bail after molesting 50 people
and suspicion he was behind the murder of his ex wife.

His lawyer says he was a "victim" for being mistreated in jail after a previous arrest, so he did this because his feelings were hurt.

But why was he out on bail in the first place?

another danger to the west is the failure to notice how bioethicists are pushing the envelope. First abortion, then starving the brain damaged, now infanticide is now being "debated".

these ideas go back to the 1970's, and many of the same ethical ideas are associated with death panels medical rationing for the elderly and handicapped who don't meet their criteria for meaningful life.

and the next time someone tells you that this is needed because "modern medicine" keeps these people alive too long, tell them that Plato said the same thing (400 bc). That is nonsense, because in the past (or here in the third world) we have plenty of middle aged people who are crippled, are arthritic, have strokes, etc. Modern medicine only moves the bar of disability to an older age.

David Warren's essay tries to explain the difference between sinners who manipulate to get a free pass for their sin, and true repentance.
For they are helping people to compound their sins — they are doing their bit to ice the slide to Hell for these people. That is not merciful. That is flat-out Evil.Perhaps the most contemptible — among those who happen to rise like scum in the hierarchy — said, he wouldn’t use Communion “as a weapon,” compounding this with the lie that the Church had never done so. You bet Communion is a weapon, Cardinal Wuerl: the weapon with which we fight our way to Heaven. For it is the very flesh and blood of Christ, the ultimate weapon against the Gates of Hell
Ah yes: Cardinal Wuerl, who never bothered to stop the local priests (including those from our nearby diocese) openly cruising the local gay bars, and who ordered the local schools to give a sex ed class over the objections of many parents. More rumors HERE.

yes, right no I am feeling very homophobic, but never mind the reason. 

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eichman's not so banal evil

I always thought the banal part was that to other folks around him he seemed like an average guy, not that he was an average guy.

Of course, sociopaths manipulate the message, providing a smoke screen so you can't see they are evil.

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