Monday, December 22, 2014

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Fox news complains that the CDC is no longer reporting cases of Ebola, but says they are monitoring 1400 contacts.

Guess she didn't check closely enough

Actually, they have reported the number of cases, but you have to check the footnotes of the MMWR weekly report.
There were no cases of viral hemorrhagic fever reported during the current week. In addition to the 4 cases of Ebola diagnosed in the United States to date in 2014, six residents of the
US have been medically evacuated to the US for care after developing Ebola in West Africa. Ten of the 11 VHF cases reported for 2014 are confirmed as Ebola and one as Lassa Fever. See Table II for dengue hemorrhagic fever.

GrowingteenagerinMalaysia is back from London, where he posted lots of lovely photos of the UK, and has his new blog up, and is foodblogging


One of the problems of encouraging bad behavior is that those who have the impulse will act on it when they see the press (or a pastor, or a teacher, or a psychologist) giving them permission for their anger, and they take this as justifying them to act upon their anger with violence..

. It's a big problem, mainly with suicide but also with encouraging "copycat crimes". This is why the Philippines doesn't publicize minor terrorist incidents, since a lot of the bombings are to get publicity and instill fear, and by downplaying them they lose this as a weapon.

So the left's decision to demonize cops as part of the Obama administrations "all you white Republicans are racist" theme has resulted in the murder of two cops: One Chinese American, one Hispanic.

Sigh. Our prayers with their families.


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