Monday, December 08, 2014

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No links: I am lazy (with a cold) and the internet is on and off (From the typhoon).

Attention survivalists: Brown rice goes bad faster than white rice. LINK...although we know this, and have to constantly keep an eye on our rice in stores so it is removed after a certain date (also because tiny bug eggs that get through the packing process start to hatch. Packing process: Sift over a screen, and quickly touch the rice with a blowtorch).

I had always read about Vitamin B deficiency from white rice, so that many countries made it too expensive to force the poor to eat the brown, less milled, version. But there is oil in the bran and kernel that goes rancid if stored too long, so the shelf life is shorter.

so if you are a survivalist, keep white rice only, or buy Uncle Bens or other rice that is processed to keep the vitamins in.

Or add soba noodles, made from buckwheat, into your diet. (see post below).

Cardinal Pell was put in charge of Vatican finances and found a lot of the offices had money hidden in secret accounts. These were slush funds that could be used without all that paper work, for good causes, of course (/s).

Maybe I shouldn't be sarcastic: "black hole" money like this, along with money from the CIA and American unions, might have brought down the Soviet Union by keeping the solidarity union alive LINK

And two bankers of the Vatican Bank are being prosecuted for shady real estate deals.

This is going on all over, of course: I think the "dead banker" list is up to 36. And China's corruption, including their bank and real estate shennanigans, is a big "if" for the New World Order.

But there is a real danger to the Pope here if he allows a clean up. As for the bad guys in the Vatican Bureaucracy: this time they won't find a dumb bishop from Chicago to be the fall guy (which was Anderew Greeleys' take on a bishop blamed for an earlier scandal).


Israel bombed Damascus?

rumors were that Syria was sending weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, to terrorize Israel in the near future.

The Ebola czar just quit.

Guess it's not in the headlines anymore, since only black Africans are dying.


Throw away people: Unclaimed bodies in California.

I've heard of electric eels, but electric bacteria?

With one end buried in the sulphur-rich sediment and the other towards the surface of the mud, the bacteria is able to make a connection between its hydrogen sulfide food source found in the sediment and the oxygen it needs to survive - found on the surface of the mud.
"Instead of waiting for the hydrogen sulfide to meet the oxygen, they actually move electrons which is what we do in our body except on a much shorter scale," he said. "This provides them with their energy."


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