Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stuff below the fold

And a happy Christmas to you.

Headlines are just rehashes of old stories that are now getting a push back.

The working class whites, ethnics, and immigrants in NYCity have had enough, and even the BBC notices.

Obama encouraging anti police demonstrations are to use the police as a proxy to bash working class "white people"....

and no one has noticed the irony that their rhetoric has resulted in the death of a Hispanic and Chinese American policeman.

NYCity is multiethnic. From Wikipedia: 53 percent of NYCity's finest are "people of color"...


The Pope has gone after the power hungry bureaucrats in the Vatican.

and finding they have spirited away a lot of money.

Heh. not much has changed in 2000 years (a similar charge was made against Judas)

FYI: The book of the week podcast is about the Uyghars.


Here, NocheBuena is the family feast after the "midnight mass" at church.

Family members dine together (after church) at around midnight on traditional yuletide fare, which includes: queso de bola (Filipino Spanish for "ball of cheese", which is made of edam sealed in red paraffin wax); tsokoláte, noodles and pasta, fruit salad, pandesal, relleno and hamón (Christmas ham). Some families would also open presents at this time. 

In the US, however, customs vary according to your ethnicity, and even your religion, and Epilog notes some of the customs...including this comment:

Like Adina (and most other Jews), my family also goes the Chinese food route for Christmas

The MSM is again pushing against Hillary, who is the best qualified candidate for 2016, and pushing for Elizabeth Warren, a liberal who worked for big business and who got a job under minority preference because no one bothered to check her CDIB card.

But Mom Jones notes the dark horse Jim Webb is stalking in the background, and laments he is not supporting their climate change agenda.
Hmm...a preemptive strike by the left against the centrist yellow dog/clinton side of the democratic party?


The latest sin: men are told not to sit comfortably so that the feminists don't experience social anxiety.

hmm...maybe we should go back to codpieces to protect the family jewels when sitting in crowded subways...

Related item: One of the orcs in BOTF has a skull codpiece...
Related item two: Ten best codpieces in art.


Aussie humor: the waddle squad goes to war:

The two oldest brothers are also obese, tipping the scales at more than 140 kilograms each, according to family friend and Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi … “The mother, she’s questioning why would they go there? Two of them barely can walk, they’re very unfit, and obese.”

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