Saturday, December 20, 2014

When your food stares back at you

Stargazy pie via
More about the history of the pie here:

The history of Stargazy Pie would make a great action movie. It is said to have been created in Mousehole, Cornwall (pronounced mow-zul) in honour of a brave fisherman called Tom Bawcock. Legend has it that Tom sailed out into a violent stormy sea to fish when the village was facing starvation. He returned with seven types of fish which were made into a pie and shared among the townsfolk, thus saving them from famine - hurrah! To this day his heroic deeds are celebrated every 23rd December in the town.

there are several recipes on the internet. Here is one from Food network,
that uses ordinary ingredients like onions and fish.

or a gourmet ingredient version from the BBC.

Headsup via DaveBarry

Here, fishheads are left on the fish when they are fried or boiled: Lolo and others suck the heads dry of their goodness, but I just give mine to the cats or dogs.
Photo: Kitoi's ancestralKitchen
who has the entire receipe for fish head soup recipe HERE.

heh. Chowstalker says is now "in" as Paleo food.

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