Sunday, February 08, 2015

reading books

with the internet out, I've been reading books on my tablet from Scribd

I found they have the Amelia Peabody mysteries (including some on audio!) and the author's Egyptian history books too. I also found Elizabeth Goudge's books there (I brought a few of them with me but not all of them).

But I can also find scholarly books and articles on things like epidemics in the Philippines, or the Justinian plague. Some are books, others are papers placed under their documents (including theses). Worth the money...

In the past, I rarely read books on computer because it strained my eyes. Now I have a tablet and it's easier (and I download a lot of Audiobooks from Librivox or from youtube).

Speaking of books: I have several hundred here, most sent by the old "MBAG" that is no longer allowed, but some from the used book kiosk at the malls. I rarely buy new books, although Ruby has bought some CSLewis and various teen books (e.g. percy jackson, divergent etc). The only "new" book I bought since moving here was Herodatus' histories (my used copy was falling apart), I haven't "read" it through...I listened to much of it, and mainly read the interesting parts, e.g. on ancient Egypt.

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