Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the "WAGD" post of the day

CDC releases clinical guidelines for docs in case of a release of smallpox in the USA.

Although naturally occurring smallpox no longer exists, the threat of smallpox remains because of concerns that variola virus might exist outside of these repositories and could be used as an agent of bioterrorism or biowarfare (5). Although the risk for an intentional or accidental smallpox virus release is believed to be low, preparing for a potential event is critical to mitigate the devastating consequences of such an event. The U.S. government has purchased and stockpiled smallpox vaccines that would be provided to persons at high risk for infection in the event of a smallpox release.

actually, a similar report was released in 2001 after 911...I was the one who had to read it in case we had to set up the program in our isolated Oklahoma town.

So who would release smallpox as a bioweapon in Oklahoma? Well, the Dark Winter war game posited a release at a busy truck stop in Oklahoma... and if you want to really worry, read this classic report.

and if you want to read a more realistic scenerio on what would really happen if a plague hit the US, I suggest you look up John Ringo's The Last Centurian. 
about an outbreak of bird flu...and read chapter 3...

Very right wing political, but alas, after working with and fighting bureaucrats in the IHS, I suspect he might have a point...

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