Monday, March 09, 2015

Culture war notes

NYTimes crops Selma march photo to leave out GWB.

cropping photos to distort history...hmmm that sounds familiar

Archbishop thinks Catholic teachers should be Catholic, and teach Catholicism. What could go wrong? First amendment? Anyone? Anyone?

well, maybe the nuns kicked out of a Chicago slum school for daring to arrange for some of the kids to march in the annual pro life march could help.

and it's not just in SF: A local Catholic school here in the Philippines was ordered to rehire a teacher sacked for unwed pregnancy because it was not illegal for her to have sex outside of wedlock.

I wonder who paid her legal fees? ...after the Subic "rape" case, which was brought by activists to redefine sex with a tipsy woman as rape, it looks like the activists are at it again, this time against the church. And of course, changing law by court fiat in the US is old hat...

Firefox's share of the market is going down.
Instapundit remarks:
 It’s a mystery, I guess.
NYCity homeless population is at an all time high. And once an evil Republican is mayor you'll hear about it again.


GetReligion blog discusses why some parents hate Common Core standards.
Don't ask me, Jim, I'm a doctor not a teacher.

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