Friday, March 27, 2015

family news

Usually in the provinces, the casket is laid out at home. A cousin took this photo yesterday...they have been adding more flowers as the tributes come in, so I will post more photos later....we have wifi in our meeting room.

The cook slept here last night and fed those working to set up everything.

Joy rescheduled the Agri-business leaders' meeting/seminar to another meeting room, and has left with them, and the farmers who will attend will be taken there by our driver. We hired another cook to cook the "merienda" for the group, since our cook is busy feeding us.

The relatives were here most of yesterday through the late evening, but since I haven't had much sleep in the last 10 days, I left early and went to bed. I did a lot of the nursing in his last days, and am warn out.

He was 90, but only frail/disabled for the last six month, and only bedridden for the last week. Up to three years ago, he jogged every morning.

We are waiting to hear when the overseas relatives can arrive so we can schedule the funeral, hopefully during "holy week" before Easter...

 There is another story here which I can't relate, but it's the "close" relative who wants to arrive after Easter and is pressuring us to postpone the funeral for her convenience.

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