Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Northern lights on Mars?

what is that dust doing in the atmosphere?


Celts were not one people.
and the anglo Saxons did not wipe out the celtic folks living in England.

China admits it has a hacking army.

Of course, in DieHard movie about this, it was evil hackers, not china, that shut down the country...


SP article on Colombia notices that Venezuela has problems and blame it all on the US and Colombia. Conspiracy? Or fracking?

Right now, there is an economic war going on via oil prices... US fracking (opposed by Obama who doesn't have the power to shut the entire industry down) has lowered gas prices, which means that countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela are losing money. The Saudis keep pumping despite this, probably to hurt Iran.
I'm waiting for a good summary article on this at SP and will link when they post another one, but it is a major story not being noticed.

another unreported story: The west is disarming.


Factoid of the day: from a book review about the Confederacy's plans to make Cuba into three slave holding states...

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