Sunday, March 01, 2015

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Filming begins on the Saxon series by Bernard Cornwell (of Shape's Rifles fame).

sort of a combination of the Vikings and the Game of Thrones although I hope it is less bloody...the advantage of reading is that one can skip the battle scenes and concentrate on the story line...


AnnAlthouse links to this absurd article about improving nutritional health in Zambia by making maggot smoothies.but  as commenter Leon notes:
AS SOMEONE WHO GREW UP IN ZAMBIA...this whole mindset pisses me off. Sure Zambians eat a wide variety of food we don't but on a regular basis the type of caterpillar referred to in the article was only ever eaten rarely. mostly because they were seasonal and you had to live in the country to get them. they were dried and sold to the cities for people nostalgic for food from their youth. even 30 years ago the supply was very limited. today probably even more so.

if you scroll down, you will find my longer reply, based on experience.


MoggyMusic purrfect for cat ears.

 (iStockphoto: Astakhova)
...we found that cats showed orientation and approach behaviour toward the speaker with the cat music, often rubbing against the speaker while the music was on," says lead author Charles Snowdon of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Snowdon and colleague Megan Savage worked with composer and musician David Teie, who created cat-centric tunes such as:

not to be confused with Mark Gunn's album: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. 


Mary Lincoln, who seems to have been bipolar, consulted spiritualists after the death of her son Willie. And one of them warned Lincoln he was in danger...

ESP? Or because the man had a friend named John Wilkes Booth?  more HERE at Smithsonian magazine.

Headsup TeaAtTrianon.


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