Saturday, March 21, 2015

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A collection of photos of the recent eclipse can be found HERE


How Hirsi Ali's life was reading Nancy Drew as a young girl.

well, Nancy Drew drove around with her friends in her own car...something that is still illegal for women in Saudi...

'Coconut flower' mushrooms growing on the base of a young babassu palm in Brazil. (IP-USP-2008: Michele P. Verderane)

Glowing mushrooms get the bug

an explanation of why fungi glow in the dark.


gift item of the day:

This zero gravity cocktail glass, designed by Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, uses a unique system of grooves to keep liquids under control in microgravity.
Credit: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

A Zero Gravity Cocktail glass.


why is insulin so expensive?

Innovation and patents.
Of course, old fashioned animal pancreas insulin is cheaper and still sold outside the USA.


Crossbow found in the terracotta Chinese Army?


hunting not only increases testosterone, but increases the level of the "love hormone".

via Instapundit.


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