Saturday, April 18, 2015

Family news

I am busy reading ebooks from Scribd on my tablet. They have expanded their books and audiobooks in recent months and also have scholarly articles on their documents link, so I am able to find books on arcane subjects like Queen Emma of Normandy or about infectious disease epidemics in 19th century Philippines.

Oh yes: SarahHoyt's books are there far I have only read one short story, which reminds me of Heinlein's Friday...
Re "SadPuppies": I stopped reading SciFi when they all became amoral with characters who I didn't sympathize with. I mean, Heinlein, Leguin and Russ did a lot of trendy things about marriage and gender, but hey, the new stuff was crazy in the way that too much fantasy is poor Tolkien imitations.

I now have a little energy so gave two dogs baths yesterday. Not my favorite job...

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