Thursday, April 23, 2015

Family news

I met with the builder who will wall and cover Lolo's grave.

He didn't want a "small house" like the rich, and wanted to be buried in the ground, not above it. However, the plot is between two fancy concrete "chapels" and the dirt is high so will wash away in the typhoon, which seems to be arriving early.

So the builder will place bricks but not concrete on the ground and build a wall to keep the dirt from washing away, and then use rods to keep a simple roof to protect the grave and those visiting it. I objected to having a door, since Lolo wanted it open, but was ruled out by everyone else. It is not a "chapel" as much as a gazebo.

Oh well....Chano wanted to delay it so he could design a nicer "chapel" but Lolo didn't even want the roof or walls. There is an American type cemetery with only small graves in the other section, but when the family chose the gravesite, it was in the area with "chapels" or with all the graves covered with a simple tin roof, and so this is the minimum to protect it.

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