Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Headlines below the fold plus rants

Sigh. I have questioned if Hillary was left with subtle brain damage since her accident a couple years ago that left her with a subdural hematoma that required her time in rehab.

No one in the press has brought up this important medical issue. I wonder why.

however I question why her "keepers" have a tin ear. If she is going on a road trip to talk to "ordinary" people, isn't this a bit late in the game? Calling her bus "scooby"? How gauche. 
and ignore her daughter in Elle, decked out in expensive designer clothing...

the NewYorker satire of her campaign video: Saying it with kittens.

and I was a Hillary supporter...

and all that stuff about needing a female in the White House? Yes, but why not Madeline Albright or Condie Rice?


the "Pizza" campaign is not about equality: It is about forcing people to cooperate with actions that they deem are immoral.

selling pizza is a morally neutral action since one sells it to a customer. Catering means cooperation and implies consent/approval.

It won't work, because the idea is not to let people live in peace, it is about forcing people to accept certain actions as normal...and forcing them to approve of these actions...and to cooperate with them...or be ostracized.

I went through this after refusing to do abortions in medical school, so the idea has a lot more implications than a pizza delivery.

How about requiring taxi drivers to allow lewd behavior in their cabs? yes, in NYC this is now going to be enforced by law...

Sarah Hoyt has an article about how the PC took over the publishing of Science Fiction, and then went hysterical when the SadPuppies campaign opposed their prefering bad PC stories over well written fiction to get the Hugo awards.

I’m not going to push ANYONE out of the political, or even the SF-political closet.  I lived in it too long and too fearfully to do that to anyone.  Your secret is safe with me.
But because it matters, I must beseech you, consider, please that you are not alone.  Consider that the sound and fury, the threats, the people pushing you to do things against your will and conscience because you’re so scared of them might be less than the full crowd.  It might be just a small mouse, full of him/herself, roaring up a storm.  Consider that the decent people who disagree with all this bs might actually be in the vast majority but not know it because none of you dares speak.

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