Thursday, April 09, 2015

Missing women of Winipeg

Native American girls, often runaways or teenagers acting out, have been killed in Winipeg. BBC Report.

. Between 1980 and 2012, more than 60% of the recorded murders of Aboriginal women were committed by husbands, family members or close friends.
But this leaves nearly 40% of women who were killed by strangers or casual acquaintances, a term that is often used to describe the sex worker-client relationship.
not included in the article: Those who in despair get drunk/high and walk home in the winter and end up freezing to death... and go missing until their bodies are found in the spring.

Many of the "sex workers" are women who have no job skills, not those who "chose" to do this type of work. Using the term "sex worker", you imply it was a free choice. Often it is not...women don't think:either I can have sex with strangers or work in a local deli for the same wage, then I chose the former. Because there is no way to get a job in a deli, and even if you get one, you will lose it when you come in late after drowning your pain in drugs/alcohol when the demons of the id hit you after work.

If you feel you are dirt because of the violence/pain/poverty/hopelessness at home, where the only men you know are abusive to their wives/girlfriends/daughters, and  then why not let strange men  have sex with  you to eat/get drugs to dull your pain.

I have no easy answer for this...the earlier answers, foster care and residential schools, are often condemned but were an attempt to make things better that failed...and the naive who think that isolation and not forcing culture change will work are naive: this is the idea behind apartheid in South Africa.

Tribal outreaches work with these problems, with some success...

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