Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family news

Joy went to Manila for business. I believe Ruby has one of her religion vacation classes and is staying here.

Chano is busy at the farm. They should be done the harvest but have to dry and pack it.

And yesterday, PhilRice came with seedling of a new hybrid they want us to try. Our farm workers and our subcontracted farmers will attend classes by them on how to plant and grow it in field experiment.

Me? I am in a bad mood as usual. No maid (they all quit, and the maid who used to come in for day work was fired for some reason) so I am stuck answering the door bell, an average of five times in three hours until Dita gets back from the Palenke at 10 am and can answer the door.

Yesterday we not only had the afternoon teenage religion class from Ruby's church but a meeting of pastors in the morning, all singing praise to the Lord. They are good people but happy happy praise the Lord is not what one wants when one is in mourning.


So I went to the cemetary to check on Lolo's grave (the roof is up but the floor is only partly done...they are working on someone else's grave and since they got most of the money from us, well, there is no hurry to fix the last details. I left flowers and candles and said a prayer, as is the custom. Hell, Lolo even left flowers and candles on our dog's grave, to my amusement...

After going to the cemetary, we went to the Mall (to send money to one of my teachers, an African nun, whose niece died of HIV related complications at age 19. She was on chemo, but died of an infection, was a case of neonatal HIV from her parents, back in those days they didn't know about HIV and didn't have chemo that stops the transmission of the virus).


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