Thursday, May 21, 2015

Family news

They were fixing the electric lines yesterday, so we had a brownout much of the day. I have a small generator for our room (I bought it two years ago to run the Aircon and TV to keep Lolo comfortable when he was weak and spending most of his time in bed). The big generator, and my older small generator went to the farm and are being used there.

The current went back on in the evening, but at 3 am it went off again and stayed off until 10 am. There was no way to send someone to get gasoline for the generator, so we did without....but it was very hot last evening, since the rains haven't arrived yet, so by 8 am I was sick and nauseated from  the heat. And the Aircon only helps a bit:The Airconditioner is sluggish: Probably due for a cleaning and refill.

I tend to get kidney infections when I get dehydrated..I had one when Lolo was so sick but took antibiotics and it improved, but I think that I have to go back on antibiotics...

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