Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nelson's blood and other tales of Napoleon

This article suggests that even if Napoleon had won Waterloo, that the approaching Austrian and Russian armies would have smashed what was left of his troops, so he would have lost anyway.

However, there were a lot of other "ifs" in his career, since Napoleon won many battles that he should have lost. And at least one assasination attempt.

Most of them question what would have happened if the Czar had fought Napolean instead of letting him take Moscow and face the enemy of a Russian winter.

the Sharpe's Rifles books are probably the easiest way to read about all the battles (no, I haven't read them: but the BBC series is on youtube...and yes, that is the guy from GameOfThrones)

CharlesBryant's lectures on the Napoleonic wars are found at internet archives.

Yet other battles were lost by Napoleon:: What if Nelson hadn't destroyed the French fleet in the battle of the Nile? Without supplies, Napoleon couldn't keep Egypt, for example.

and then there is the story of LadyHamilton

which brings us to the factoid of the day: why was the Royal Navy's rum ration sometimes called Nelson's blood? 

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