Saturday, May 02, 2015

Oh Canada!

I have heard several of Brian Fagan's podcasts on prehistory and right now have a few of his books listed on my ScribD library to read when I am less depressed...the one I am reading now is "elixir", and it discussed the irrigation in the mountains of South and east Africa, which I had seen and always wondered what those terraces were made for, since they were not used then I lived there.

One of his lectures about human evolution pointed out the "desert/wet" cycles of the Sahara had a lot to do with human evolution since it required men to improvise or die, and those that improvised survived.n

There is also one to read latnser about the ElNino and South American civilizations that I will read soon.

So today I link to this talk (video not there, but there is an mp3 link) about climate change.

and of course climate is changing, because it is always changing. So what should we do about it?

In the question and answer period, he was asked what the stricken people can do about it? “Move,” he said, “is the only option.” If the world is heating up, where would he move to? “Canada. It will be dryer, much warmer, and their politics are reasonable.”
So investment tip: invest in land in Calgary.

My cynicism is not that I don't believe that there is a major problem with pollution (there is) or that the environment is being destroyed (we see it here) or even that the climate is changing (it is) but because too many want to pull all these things together to make a top down dictatorship where the elites run everything.

As I have written before, here in the Philippines, one of the side effects of the more radical "green movement" is that it makes things worse. Keep out mining and logging, and the result is illegal mining and logging with worse poverty and environmental destruction than you would get if you regulated companies to do it without destruction.

And grow green crops and avoid pesticides, chemicals, and of course GM food, but that leads to importing food from other countries that use chemicals, pesticides and GM seeds because the local organic stuff is too expensive for the poor to eat.

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