Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stuff around the net

I was on line early this morning but now in the afternoon it is hot and the internet is slow.

Several things I read but don't have a lot of the links.

Father Z discusses mass on ships, and one comment notes that there was actually a priest who traveled on the maiden flight of the Hindenburg (not the one that crashed).... and was given permission to say mass...his name was Fr. Paul Schulte and not only was a pilot in WWI but an Alaska Bush pilot. (scroll down to the Aug4 entry which describes his flying a dangerous air evac of a sick priest)..he also raised money to send vehicles to the mission field.


Joe Biden praies the hard work and courage of policemen.

a train derailed in our prayers since I have relatives living in the area.


Austin Bay predicts either a big terrorist attack in Asia or Africa before the next election, and that Putin will cause trouble.

Just so it's not China deciding to invade Palawan...

Dr. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon who is a dark horse candidate for the President as a Republican, is apparently a Seventh Day Adventist.

As I noted a couple days ago: Like the Mennonites, they tend to pull over their weight in serving the sick with their hospitals.

for later reading: An article on the Inklings.

and Gordon Seminary has a course on Lewis and Tolkien HERE. Quite basic, and he gets a few minor things wrong, but a good introduction to their writings from an Evangelical point of view.

and if you want a ROTFL video check out this one by Tom Shippey.

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