Friday, May 15, 2015

Uber? We haz that

I keep hearing about Uber on other blogs in the USA, but am not sure why it is supposed to be a big deal. But then, I've always lived in rural areas of the USA where often the only "taxi" is a housewife with a large car who has a city license to drive folks around as her sideline.

But GrowingTeenager in Malaysia has a report of taking one in Penang, where they have recently opened a franchise. He likes it.

And yes, they have a franchise in Manila.

Locally, we use a tricycle for short trips, a motorcycle with a side car. The nearest place to get one is a block away, or we can have our cook text one of her sons to drive us.

30 cents to church or the bank, double that to the mall or cemetery, more if there is more than one person, although I usually try to tip a bit.

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