Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A picture is worth 1000 words, plus racism

the headline says:

In Abadi meeting, Obama says he is confident Islamic State will be defeated

but the picture accompanying the headline suggests sweetness and light will stop them.

Compare and contrast:

Pool photo by Michael Kappeler

yes. Sit down ISIS and teach them DoReMe...

the problem, of course, is that when the choice is between two bad guys, (e.g. Hitler vs Stalin, ISIS vs Iran) who do you chose? The lesser of two evils, of course. Which is why Obama is promoting Iran behind the scenes.

It screws the Saudis, but then there is a big worry that Isis could takes over Saudi, especially if the Saudis buy a couple of bombs from Pakistan.
So Iran just might need their bombs, not against Israel but against their traditional enemy, the Arabs.

short update: I'm not the only one who compared Merkel to Maria...I ran into a MSM article that mentioned the same this afternoon while reading news on my tablet, so no link....

And here, hiphop is about joy and dancing, but the photo on my rss feed about the latest hip hop riot suggests it is about thuggery:

if you just scroll around the dials here in the Philippines, where most of our channels are Asian editions of US TV, and we get a lot of the tamer MTV video stuff, you would get the idea that all blacks were thugs.

Yes, you get Denzel Washington and black cops, but their body language is "white", whereas the thug heroes in films and videos suggest the opposite, that thugs are the authentic black experience.

So Malaysia and China might object to white entertainers like Madonna, but the reality is that this is a heads up to the money men who run the recording industry, that some countries worry about spreading the idea that promiscuity and thuggery is "chic" among their kids.

And the side effect of the US entertainment industry is the reinforcement of the (taboo to speak about) EastAsian idea that blacks are subhuman (something everyone knows but few talk about).

Where is Robert Townsend when we need him?

not mentioned in the article: Overcrowding at concerts can lead to deaths from too many people pushing each other to get in or running out in panic when fights occur.

But the meme in the obedient US MSM will be to blame the cops.


Some opinions on racism:

This racism is less severe in the Philippines, where most of the resentment is against the rich  (i.e. Chinoy) elites (or the elites vs anyone who is an outsider...outsiders are quickly coopted to join the elites of course), but even here skin whitener is a must for girls, who want to look like the Korean stars of the popular telenovels. And here, Americans are liked...Americans are only officially hated by the left, who spout their anti american talking points, yet everyone wants a green card and often have relatives there (our area supplied many Navy recruits in the good old days).

But this unspoken racism needs to be recognized when you talk about Obama vs China is the Anti Chinese racism.

There are a lot of racial antagonisms in Asia, but it is hard to find much on line about them. It is not polite to talk about...

Philippine vs Chinoys, Indonesia and VietNam purging of their Chinese population, Indonesia against the Melasians in Papua, the Rohingye exodus, the Hakka being at the forefront of Chinese capitalism, the Koreans vs non Koreans or mixed blood children who live there in increasing numbers, etc.

in the West Philippine Sea, Japan is offering to help the Philippines...against the Chinese  sealane grab that could strangle air and sea routes to Japan.

So do locals dislike the Japanese, remembering WWII atrocities, or do they really fear China, who if left unopposed will try to grab their ancient lands in Luzon and Vietnam?

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