Monday, June 01, 2015

Cat item of the day

SagaThing podcast has a poll with the cat question of the day:

How many of Thorolf Sledgehammer's cats could you take out with Aettartangi?
these cats were probably not cuddly kitties, but Norwegian forest cats, which are larger than domestic cats.

Cats in the Icelandic legends are gruesome things...

more about Norwegian forest cats HERE.

Don't mess with Frija's cats either.

The Vikings believed that Freyja rode a cart drawn by a team of cats. It might seem absurd to imagine a cart drawn by cats, until one realizes that Viking cats were not your standard Felis domesticus -- they were the Skogkatt (Norwegian, meaning literally "Forest Cat"), a wild breed native to the North.

more about Thorolf here.

 Vikings had descriptive nicknames, as this podcast relates.

And a list of nicknames can be found HERE.(vianegativa link)

and yes, your Bluetooth was named after the Viking king of Denmark.

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