Thursday, June 11, 2015

Feeling nasty

Yesterday I was missing money from my purse. I'm pretty sure the maid stole it, since school is starting and she needs money, but I don't want to fire her without proof, so I warned her mother instead. Sigh.

And today one of the usual professional beggars showed me an infected toe and asked for money. I gave her antibiotics instead. When I came back with the pills, her daughter was there holding a baby complaining the kid needed antibiotic for his cough.

I got mad and said go to the clinic and sent them off.

Why did I get mad? Two reasons: One, the last time I gave them fifty cents for a baby's antibiotic, I was curtly told the medicine was one dollar, and they demanded that.
Second, the infected toe was from a pedicure. And not a home made pedicure, but one with fancy designs. That cost one dollar. So money for pedicures, no money for sick grandkids.

Don't feel too sorry for them: Her husband has a job, and I gave her 10 dollars to help buy books for her kids two weeks ago, right before the start of school.

That is probably a help. Today's visit was just business as usual.

I am fighting off  cold for the last two days, and have little patience as you can see.

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