Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the wrong side of history?

TeaAtTrianon links to this article from the PublicDiscourse that makes parallels between Burke's opposition to the ideas behind the French revolution and those who oppose the redefinition of marriage, gender, and biological sex.

 The current redefinitions of the very words we use, as Alice von Hildebrand says, is “a severe moral crisis in which the eternal truths have been exchanged for temporary fads.” The real choice for those feeling demoralized is this: Which will you stand for?
The restoration of eternal truths of human nature requires more than speaking. This opportunity to witness to the human family for the good of all individuals requires virtue. Courage, Aristotle noted, makes all the other virtues possible. But physical courage is not enough. As von Hildebrand explains,
Physical courage—something you find on athletic fields, for example—is very common, but moral courage is not. It is not easy to stand up for what is right when that might mean losing one’s job, one’s family or even one’s life. It is far easier to keep quiet and let things slide.
VonHildebrand, a philosopher who once taught at Columbia, should know: Her husband opposed Hitler when it wasn't safe to do so, and later pointed out the problems of Vatican II, predictions that turned out to come true...
for later reading, since it seems thoughtful and brings up many points.

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