Thursday, June 11, 2015

Security lapses?

Via Instapundit:

Secret Service officers lack security clearances?

yes, and apparently if you are gay, you are allowed to lie on your security clearances.

Yes, it's don't ask don't tell but this guy and many others got in before the law was changed, which means he lied and those doing the security clearances didn't pick it up.

and it's being touted that the AMA said it's okay for the military to hire trans types. Uh, they have a high rate of psychiatric, suicide, and drug problems. Manning, who pulled a lot of files for Wikileaks, should never have passed security clearance due to his unstable behavior, but never mind: I suspect the word was out not to out anyone, and that this was a protected class.

Of course, this policy is good for the lesbians, but the problem in groups where women were in charge is that if you weren't part of the in group, you got marginalized. Of course, I found that being a Christian marginalized me and my opinions in many "feminist" organizations, which is why I preferred staying with men. I like men, and if they were sexist, I knew a good joke or teasing would change their mind. Feminists just faint and quit, or maybe faint and sue you for harassment. Poor things: acting like Victorian woman who faint at the sight of table legs.

this AMA "decision"  is being touted in the media as if it is the actual opinion of their members...yet I haven't run across this question in my emails from the AMA. Maybe they are afraid of losing more members.

If I hadn't quit years ago because of their support of abortion I would quit now.

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